Get Paid to Surf the Web

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I found out about by reading an e-mail message from my friend Mike. I always read Mike's e-mail, because he lives in the Philippines and doesn't just fill my In box with recycled jokes. But this message didn't sound like Mike. He's goofy, yes, but he's no used-car salesman. It was trying to sell me something, with a tone that made me think, Scam alert! The offer: get paid to surf the Web. I had to check it out.

The deal: register, consent to a constant barrage of ads at the bottom of your PC's screen, and earn about a penny for every minute online. Get all your friends to sign up too and make more money. They spread the word, and you make even more. And so it goes, rippling out on a virtually infinite scale a multilevel marketing arrangement without the garage full of vitamins or the recruiting sessions disguised as dinner parties. MORE >>