Everything You Were Afraid to Ask About Monicagate...

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Even in the new millennium, Bill Clinton's past is coming back to haunt us. This week "A Vast Conspiracy," Jeffrey Toobin's account of the events leading to Clinton's impeachment, hits the stands. The tome blames a cadre of lawyers for attempting to seize control of the political system during the Clinton investigation. Included is a previously unreleased affidavit in which Paula Jones gives the President's measurements while describing his "distinguishing characteristic" in excruciating detail. Later she is asked to draw it for Clinton's lawyers. Recorded conversations reveal that investigators for Jones attempted to sway Juanita Broaddrick to their cause by appealing to her duty as a Christian. Clinton reportedly told a friend that he did have sex with Broaddrick but that it was consensual. When Bob Bennett first mentions Monica Lewinsky, Clinton adamantly denies a relationship with her. "Bob, do you think I'm f______ crazy?" asks an indignant Clinton. And as he began feeling increasingly persecuted, Clinton kept what he called a Richard Jewell file, containing all the negative press clips about himself.