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Timothy McVeightold his friend "something big is going to happen" three days before the Oklahoma City bombing. In a hearing today Terry Nichols testified that McVeigh spoke to him three days before the April 19 bombing and asked to be picked up in Oklahoma City. The FBI confiscated 33 firearms and a 60mm anti-tank rocket from Nichols' home, as well as some blasting mechanisms. Federal workers across the country joined people inOklahoma Cityfor a moment of silence at 9:02 CDT, the time the bomb went off exactly a week before. In Washington, President Clinton attended the funeral of a former member of his Secret Service detail killed in the blast. This afternoon Clinton outlined his new anti-terrorism measures to Congress. They include hiring 1,000 new federal agents to deal with terrorist activity, allowing courts to approve a wider range of electronic surveillance, and making use of any form of chemical weapon a federal crime.The Oklahoma Explosion