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TIME correspondent Edward Barnes reports that the two suspects thought to have rented the truck used in the bombing used a fake South Dakota drivers' license with a birthdate of April 19, 1979 -- the same day as the Branch Davidian disaster in Waco, Tx., as well as the Oklahoma City explosion. "It is hard to overstate the symbolic importance of these guys using that date on the fake ID," Barnes says. "The only mistake on the phony driver's document was the Social Security number." The name on the license was Robert D. Kling of 428 Maple Drive, Omaha, Neb., Barnes reports. There is no Robert D. Kling and there is no such address. However, two men named Robert Kling, one in Iowa, the other in Omaha, told TIME that the FBI had contacted them this morning. Neither man is supected in the bombing, the FBI said. One of them said one of the composite drawings looks like someone he used to know and gave the FBI the information.