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In the strangest development yet in the O. J. Simpson trial,13 of the remaining 18 jurorsshowed up in court today wearing black and saying they would not step into the jury box until Judge Lance Ito agreed to meet with them. The panelists were protesting Ito's dismissal of three of their guards in the wake of allegations that the guards were giving some jurors preferential treatment. Ito met privately with lawyers and sheriff's officials and then began to individually interview each juror. The interviews are expected to conclude Monday. The testimony of police evidence technician Andrea Mazzola, set to resume today, has been postponed until Tuesday. Five jurors did not take part in the protest. It is not yet clear which of thedisgruntled membersare sitting jurors and which are alternates. In another development, a juror says she wants to be released from the jury. The 25 year old flight attendant said in a transcript released today that she "can't take any more."