Checking the Interweather

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If you unwrap your brand-new iMac DV on Christmas Day, and your first experience with the Net is less than satisfactory, don't take it out on your monitor. It might not be your PC's fault. Check the weather — the weather in cyberspace, that is. Like the earth's atmosphere, the Internet is a vast, complex system, one that has its own patterns and disturbances, and those disturbances can affect your own access to the Web.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways you can monitor the Interweather. Perhaps the most comprehensive of these is the web site maintained by Matrix Information and Directory Services (MIDS), a small Texas firm that turns a profit by predicting the Interweather. Every hour, Java applets on the MIDS site generate maps of the latest conditions for the U.S. and more specific regions worldwide. MORE >>