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Vowing to "lead America back to her place in the sun," Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole formally announced hiscandidacy for the GOP presidential nominationtoday in Topeka. In a speech from the Kansas capital, Dole outlined the major themes of his candidacy--welfare reform, tax cuts with deficit reduction, and a devolution of federal power to state and local governments. Dole stressed his experience, and his strengths as a leader. leadership: "I have the experience. I've been tested, tested in many ways. I am not afraid to lead, and I know the way." Dole enters the race as the clear front runner.TIME Political correspondent Michael Duffysays that Dole's two main challenges will be to forge a new presidential image for himself to take the place of his somewhat conciliatory stance as the leader of the Senate, and to bridge the gaps in his divided party.Campaign '96 File