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Judge Lance Ito late today ruled that the O.J. Simpson defense team cannot challenge the admissibility of DNA evidence in court. Ito determined that the defense previously had permanently waived its right to challenge the admissibility of such evidence. The prosecution plans to use the results of DNA testing of blood found in Simpson's Bronco and other locations to prove that he murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. Also today, the black woman who was ousted from theSimpson juryon Wednesday said in a TV interview that a white juror had kicked her and had stomped on the foot of a black male juror in the jury box. Jeanette Harris , 38, did not identify the other jurors involved, but said they remain on the panel. She also complained that sheriff's deputies guarding the sequestered jury have been giving white jurors preferential treatment.O.J. Central