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Sen. Alfonse D'Amato (R-N.Y.) offended just about everyone when he treated a national radio audience to his derisive, sing-song impression of Judge Lance Ito, the presiding judge in the O.J. Simpson trial, on Tuesday. Annoyed that the Japanese-American judge was hogging TV air time he felt would be better spent on coveringhis Whitewater hearings, D'Amato donned a Mr. Moto accent during a New York radio interview: "Judge Ito will never let it end," went the pidgin English. "Judge Ito loves the limelight. He is making a disgrace of the judicial system. Little Judge Ito . . . " Even the show's outrageous host, Don Imus, warned him to cool it or he'd "wind up on the front page of the (New York) Daily News." (He did.) Today, D'Amato apologized to furious Japanese-Americans across the country, lamely saying he just meant to skewer Ito's "pomposity."