Weekly News Quiz No. 3

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1)  Bill Clinton this week became the first American president to visit post-communist Bulgaria. Point out Bulgaria on the map below.

2)  The NATO-led peacekeeping mission in Kosovo came under the spotlight this week during President Clinton’s visit. By what acronym is the mission known?

3)  Hillary Rodham Clinton this week announced her intention to run for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s seat. Who is the only resident of the White House later elected to the Senate?

4)  The notorious gangster Wan Kuok-koi was this week jailed for 15 years in the Portuguese enclave of Macau. By what nickname is Wan more commonly known?

5)  Identify the man to the left of President Boris Yeltsin in this picture.

6)  Washington this week sent its U.N. ambassador on a fact-finding mission to East Timor. Who is this ambassador?

7)  Despite valiant pitching by their country’s president, a team of Venezuelan veterans went down 5-4 last Sunday to a squad of Cuban baseball legends managed by President Fidel Castro. Who is Venezuela’s president?

8)  Identify the man in the picture below.

9)  The World Trade Organization next week will hold an all-important summit on international trade. Where will the summit take place?

10)  Name Croatia’s ailing president.

9-10: Excellent
7-8: Good
5-6: Fair
4 or less: Time to hit the papers