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Seagramreportedly wants to sell its 25 percent stake in Du Pont in order to raise money to purchase entertainment giant MCA, according to articles published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post today. The Times reports that Seagram could get up to $10 billion for its shares of Du Pont. Those shares were purchased by Seagram for just $3.28 billion in 1981. Seagram, which makes liquor, wine and juice products, reportedly has been talking about a $10 billion deal to buy MCA from the Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. The Times reported that Du Pont is expected to announce a buyback of its shares from Seagram within two weeks. TIME Los Angeles correspondent Jeffrey Ressner expects Seagram to face stiff competition in its quest for MCA from Polygram, which already has entered a joint filmmaking venture with MCA, positioning itself as a potential purchaser.