TIME Digital's 1999 Buyer's Guide

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OK, so the greatest machines of 1999 may not have been exactly what we expected 20 or 30 years ago. We're still sadly lacking in flying cars, robot servants and moon shuttles. But take a peek at our personal space — our dens, shoulder bags, jacket pockets — and you'll know the end of the second millennium does not want for way-cool gadgets. Instead of kicking around at some dusty lunar motel, it seems, some of us wanted to play photo-realistic football in our pajamas. Or download CD-quality music from garage bands around the world, then listen to it on the subway. Or watch our favorite sitcoms without the annoying ad breaks.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in end-of-the-century technology, so our Buyer's Guide selects the coolest stuff for you depending on who you are. And if you don't agree with our pick for Machine of the Year, check out the runners-up. Because in our gadget-hungry world, you can always choose something you like better. Unless it's a flying robot moon car, of course. MORE >>