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Dispatching questions about his plans as efficiently as he once put away opponents,former world heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tysonheld a 76-second press conference, telling reporters that he will return to the ring, retain the services of controversial promoter Don King and fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in a series of bouts to be televised on Showtime. But Tyson, who just completed three years behind bars for rape, did not name potential opponents or say when he will fight. "I will continue my journey to making myself a better person so I can help others," said the converted Muslim, who took no questions, and ended his press conference by saying, "may Allah bless you all." TIME sportswriter Steve Wulf does not expect Tyson to start off with a title bout. "He'll do some lesser opponents first," says Wulf. "He's not about to step into a big fight with George Foreman."