So You Think You're Well-Informed?

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1)  Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin went toe-to-toe on Chechnya this week. What meeting were both men attending?

2)  The meteoroids in this picture share a former Soviet leader's first name. What are they called?

3)  Identify the man in this picture.

4)  A third man, Shawn Allen Berry, 24, was found guilty this week in the racially motivated dragging death of James Byrd, Jr. Near which Texas town did the killing occur?

5)  The U.S. this week reached a landmark trade deal with China, which opens the way for that country's entry into the World Trade Organization. Who led Washington's negotiating team?

6)  Which former Clinton cabinet member this week endorsed Bill Bradley for the Democratic nomination?

7)  The king of Spain was among Fidel Castro's guests at a summit attended by 14 Latin American and two European heads of state this week. What is the Spanish monarch's name?

8)  Peace threatened to break out in Northern Ireland again this week as the warring factions declared their commitment to resolving their deadlock. Which former U.S. politician is mediating the talks?

9)  Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia this week signed a deal to pump oil to the West through a pipeline that will bypass both Russia and Iran. Where is that oil drilled?

10)  Name the deposed Pakistani prime minister arrested this week on charges of conspiracy, kidnapping and attempted murder.

9-10: Excellent
7-8: Good
5-6: Fair
4 or less: Time to hit the papers