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Under cross-examination by O.J. Simpson defense attorney Johnnie Cochran,limousine driver Allan Parktoday testified that he could not be certain whether the defendant's Bronco was parked in front of his estate when Park arrived there to drive Simpson to the airport last June. Prosecutors maintain that Park did not see the Bronco because Simpson had driven it over to his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson's condo to murder her and her friend Ronald Goldman, then returned to meet the limousine, which had already arrived.TIME Los Angeles correspondent James Willwerthnoted Park previously testified -- under questioning by prosecutor Marcia Clark -- that he did not see the Bronco while looking for an address marker on the curb where the vehicle was found parked later that night. "She (Clark) very firmly established that if the Bronco was there, he would have seen it," says Willwerth.The O.J. Files