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Simpson called ex-wife the day of the murder: Prosecutor Marcia Clark revealed thatO.J. Simpsoncalled his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson from the Riviera Country Club several hours before she was murdered. A woman who was at the club is expected to testify that Simpson was angry and yelling during the call. AsBrian "Kato" Kaelinconcluded his testimony today, Clark attempted to show that he was shading his testimony to make Simpson look better. After Kaelin was excused, Rachel Ferrara, a friend of Kaelin's who talked to him the night of the killings, took the stand to testify Kaelin told her he heard noises outside his guestroom that evening. The day concluded with limousine driver Alan Park's testimony that he did not see a Ford Bronco parked at Simpson's estate at the time the murders were committed.The O.J. Files