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Judge Lance Ito granted prosecutor Marcia Clark's unusual request for permission to treatBrian "Kato" Kaelinas a "hostile," allowing her to attack her own prosecution's star witness. Under Clark's aggressive questioning, the former Simpson houseguest admitted thatO.J.was upset in the hours before his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were murdered on June 12. Earlier, he had said that Simpson appeared "normal" that night. Kaelin said Simpson was also "a little bit upset" because while he had wanted to spend time with his daughter Sydney after her music recital that day, Nicole Simpson had allowed him to see Sydney only briefly. Kaelin said that Simpson was also disturbed because Nicole wore a tight dress to the recital. But Clark failed to get evidence from Kaelin that O.J. had a heated phone conversation with his ex-wife later that evening, the first suggestion that the couple had any contact just before the killings.The O.J. Files