So You Think You're Well-Informed?

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1) He's cute, he's cuddly, he shoots electricity out of his ears: Identify the character in this picture.

2) This week the United States Army complained that because of peacekeeping commitments, two of its 10 divisions aren't battle ready. According to current military doctrine, how many regional wars should the U.S. be able to fight at one time?

3)  Who is Malaysia's prime minister?

4)  Israeli and Palestinian negotiators began talks on a "final status" agreement this week. What four issues are on the table?

5)  Friday's rocket attacks on U.S. facilities in Pakistan put Afghanistan-based international terrorist Osama bin Laden back in the spotlight. From what country does Bin Laden hail?

6)  Identify the object in this picture.

7)  Who is the president of Microsoft?

8)  What extraordinary break with HMO industry practice was announced Tuesday by UnitedHealth?

9) It's been years: Name the three men in this picture.

10)  In sheep's clothing? What feminist author has been earning a fortune by advising Al Gore to be more macho?

9-10: Excellent
7-8: Good
5-6: Fair
4 or less: Time to hit the papers