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The Montana state Senate caved in to popular demand today when it overturned a provision of a sex-offender bill that would have required people convicted of homosexual acts to register with police. The voice vote to ax the provision without debate came after the state Legislature was flooded with complaints telephoned in by angry constituents who opposed the legislation. The bill initially was approved by the Senate Wednesday in a 41-8 vote, although both sides conceded it probably would have no effect. A Montana law that outlaws homosexual sex between consenting adults has never been enforced. The bill drew harsh criticism when Republican state Sen. Al Bishop said gay sex is "even worse than a violent sexual act." Sandra Hale, head of the gay rights group Pride, said that was an "insult" to rape and molestation victims, as well as lesbians, gays and bisexuals. "Al Bishop is kind of a wacko," says TIME Montana reporter Patrick Dawson. "As he gets older, he just gets nuttier."