Are Retail Stores the Killer Shopping App?

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For a few weeks now, I've wanted a pair of trainers. A fall sneaker that's fashionable but not club-kid trendy, maybe something high-tech and modern like a Nike Air Max, or perhaps something retro and cool like vintage thick-striped Adidas. I think about these sneakers a lot; I scout out styles when I'm walking the streets of lower Broadway (where urban-outfitted waifs perch on platform tennis shoes) and when I'm taking the subway to Brooklyn (where thick-calved secretaries take a load off Reebok aerobic shoes). I think about these sneakers when I'm watching MTV, as I flip through fashion magazines. I am convinced that these shoes will change, if not my life, certainly my attitude. I am, quite obviously, ready to buy. Should the right retailer match me up with the right pair of shoes, the retailer and I will both go home happy. Could that retailer be online? MORE >>