Can You Do Better Than George W.?

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George W. Bush's critics are crowing over his performance in a foreign policy quiz. TIME Daily invites all those smarty-pants, and our readers, to test their working knowledge of eight situations crucial to U.S. foreign policy. (Click on each question to get the correct answer.)

1) What is Chechnya's capital, currently under siege by Russian troops?

2) Who is Iran's reformist president?

3) Who is Indonesia's vice president?

4) Which disputed region is the flash point for India-Pakistan tension?

5) Who is Russia's prime minister?

6) Who is Egypt's president?

7) Who is China's president and who is its premier?

8) Which five countries have veto power at the U.N. Security Council?

7-8: Excellent
5-6: Good
4 or less: Don't worry, it's only the primaries