Giuliani K-K-KO'ed

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Klan 1, Giuliani 0: A Federal judge ruled Thursday that New York City couldn't keep Ku Klux Klan members from wearing their notorious hoods to a downtown event scheduled for this Sunday. Citing a 155-year-old law against wearing masks at public rallies, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani had tried to put the kibosh on the KKK and at the same time make a few points as he gears up for his Senate run. The two-judge panel upheld the Klanís claim that the masks were necessary precautions since the white supremacists faced major hostility among residents of the nationís most ethnically diverse city.

They're not the only ones. Besides trying to block both the Nation of Islam-sponsored Million Youth March and the Klan rally, Giuliani has drawn fire for his recent attempt to remove city funding from the Brooklyn Museum over an art exhibit. Although the moves seem to be designed to position him at the moderate center, Giuliani hasn't been able to make the transition completely: He plans to appeal the court's ruling, which he sharply criticized as "another example of the '60s ideology." Note to Hillary: There's still plenty of room in the middle.