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O.J. Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey cracked the steely demeanor of Detective Mark Fuhrman today, under repeated questioning about Fuhrman's alleged use of racial epithets and suggestions that Furhrman planted a bloody glove in Simpson's backyard to frame him. The LAPD detective continued to insist that he had not framed O.J., nor had he ever used word "nigger" in a conversation with anyone. But when Bailey asked, "Didn't it seem strange to you that after seven and a half hours that glove still showed moist, sticky blood, Detective Fuhrman?" Fuhrman hesitated and appeared at a loss for words. As Bailey bore in, drilling Fuhrman with questions about the pre-testimony coaching he had received from prosecutors, the detective stumbled, becoming confused. Judge Lance Ito interrupted the questioning to confer with attorneys for both sides, giving Fuhrman time to collect his thoughts. The defense contends that Fuhrman had both motive and opportunity to frame O.J. Simpson for the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. Next: the defense will probe new allegations concerning an incident where Fuhrman is said to have used a racial slur in the presence of a black Marine sergeant.