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Prosecutor Marcia Clark launched a pre-emptive strike to fend off the anticipated defense assault on LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman, who took the stand today. Simpson's lawyers are expected tosuggest that the detective is a racistwho planted a bloody glove in O.J.'s backyard in order to frame Simpson for murdering his white ex-wife and her friend. Today Clark asked Fuhrman about Kathleen Bell, who claimed in a letter to Simpson's lawyers that she once heard Fuhrman make racist remarks. Fuhrman denied ever meeting Bell. The detective also recalled responding to a 1985 domestic dispute call, to find Simpson standing at the end of his driveway with a sobbing woman, whom Furhrman cannot identify. Fuhrman said Simpson admitted that he had smashed the windshield of a Mercedes parked in the driveway. But because the woman declined to press charges, Fuhrman did not get her name.The O.J. Files