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Singapore authorities are on their way to Germany with an arrest warrant to seek extradition of the young stock trader whose extravagant gamble on the Tokyo market brought down Britain's oldest investment bank. Nicholas Leeson, a Briton who worked in Singapore, fled that country when his bet caused some $1 billion in losses for Baring Brothers & Co., after a drop in the Tokyo market last week. Police pulled him off a plane in Frankfurt last night and are detaining him. An extradition hearing before a judge is expected to take place tomorrow. TIME Bonn bureau chief Bruce Van Voorst says legal wrangling could keep Leeson in Germany for months. He notes the Germans have not interrogated Leeson, but they have had "chats" during which the 28-year-old said he wants to be sent to London. No formal charges have yet been filed.Post to Business "Baring Bros. Collapse."