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South African police raided Winnie Mandela's Soweto home today and hauled out several cardboard boxes of evidence as part of a bribery investigation. The government minister and estranged wife of President Nelson Mandela was out of the country on a work-related trip as authorities pursued allegations that she received $21,000 in bribes and was slated for thousands more in monthly payments for helping a firm secure three government construction contracts. The offices of Mrs. Mandela's anti-poverty program and the homes of other suspects also were searched. In addition, TIME South Africa correspondent Peter Hawthorne reports that police are searching for evidence of whether Mrs. Mandela improperly used a $100,000 donation from Pakistan to the African National Congress. "This would seem, possibly, to be the death rattle for Winnie Mandela as a member of the government," says Hawthorne. In 1991, Mrs. Mandela was fined for a kidnapping conviction and recently was reprimanded for criticizing her husband's government.