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The initial reaction was shock and sympathy when legendary Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis yesterday announced to the world that he has AIDS. Louganis is the only male diver to sweep the diving gold in consecutive Olympics - and managed to do so the second time, during the 1988 Seoul Games, despite gashing his head badly on a diving board. But TIME sportswriter Steve Wulf says there is a hanging question: "Why did he wait so long to tell people?" -- especially since Louganis tested HIV positive shortly before the Seoul Games. One possible explanation: Louganis' book, which touches on the subject, goes on sale next week. In an interview with ABC's 20/20 airing Friday, Louganis explains that he was "paralyzed with fear" that his blood would contaminate the pool but kept quiet because his condition was "an incredibly guarded secret." Experts said there was virtually no chance the trickle of blood constituted a threat to any other swimmer. The doctor who treated the wound was not wearing gloves but said that was a "minimal" risk.