Meet the World's Fastest and Coldest PC

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Benchmarking, overclocking, accelerating oh, let's just cut through the hype and dispense with the jargon. What's the fastest PC on the market, hands down? The answer may surprise you. We'll give you a hint: It runs at 800MHz, and it's made by a company you've never heard of. What's its secret? It's really cold.

KryoTech, founded in 1996 and based in South Carolina, builds its products on the basis of one simple principle: Chips can run faster when they're cold. It's simple physics. If you're going to pack more transistors onto a chip and cycle them faster, they're going throw off more heat, and you'll need to keep them colder. What's more, when a chip gets colder, it gets more efficient the materials it's made of conduct better. MORE>>