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House Speaker Newt Gingrich is losing no time in tackling the second half of his "Contract With America" agenda. House Republicans put billions in domestic budget cuts on the table today, keeping with their campaign promise to trim government spending. Minority Democrats complained the proposals would demolish vital social programs. A subcommittee took up plans to cut $9.4 billion, targeting funds for housing, water projects, President Clinton's national service program, veterans' hospitals, medical supplies, diplomatic programs and technology grants, among others. The panel also rejected Clinton's request for $672 million to finance international peacekeeping efforts. Another subcommittee voted to gut millions proposed for new federal buildings. The GOP also pressed ahead with efforts to reform liability litigation and temporarily ban new government regulations. TIME Washington correspondent Nina Burleigh says many such proposals likely will not clear the less-partisan Senate, where Majority Leader Bob Dole is trying to maintain a moderate image as he runs for president.