It's Spelled C-A-S-H. And Quayle Has Run Out of It

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On Monday, many people realized for the first time that Dan Quayle was actually trying to run for president. Unfortunately for the former veep, this burst of much-needed attention comes only as a result of his decision to drop out of the race for the Republican nomination. Awash in debt, his campaign has struggled not only with financial issues but also what could politely be called a credibility gap – the shadow of Quayle’s infamous "potatoe" gaffe and his talent for the non-sequitur ("Had I known I was going to Latin America, I would have studied up on my Latin.") In bowing out, he bestows upon the rest of the GOP pack – aside from Steve Forbes – the privilege of mortgaging their lives for a chance to run against George W. Bush and the opportunity to pick up a small band of supporters.

The intricacies of pre-nomination maneuverings won’t stop anytime soon: Even as Quayle beat a hasty retreat, John McCain formally entered the fray in a long-expected move that, with Quayle's departure, will nevertheless shake up the numbers for a few days. It's likely that most of Quayle's "family values" voters will seek solace in the Bauer or Forbes camps, while McCain's strong pro-military stance could help him land a few of the flag-waving votes.