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President Clinton lashed out at a new barrage of GOP initiatives, even as he gave ground on the question of affirmative action. In Canada, the president rapped proposed legislation to cut $17.5 billion from his budget, roll back affirmative action and curb government regulation: "I do not think the American people expect or support these radical right-wing measures that are coming out of these House committees." But in a major about-face, Clinton also ordered a review of all government affirmative action programs, saying those that are no longer working should be dismantled. Today, the House approved a freeze on thousands of pending environmental, health and safety rules by a vote of 276-146, with GOP supporters brushing aside Democratic cries that public health and safety would be jeopardized. Even if Clinton were to veto all the GOP bills, says TIME Washington contributor Nina Burleigh, the Republicans have already won the political skirmish: "They're forcing him to defend certain 'wedge issue' programs, and he's going to have to defend some of them," she says.