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House Speaker Newt Gingrich was taken by surprise when 24 renegade Republicans teamed up with House Democrats late last night to shoot down a "Contract With America" proposal (by a vote of 218-212) that would have revived work on a "Star Wars"-style missile defense system. But GOP House members stuck together today on the far more significant issue of congressional authority over American foreign policy. By a vote of 241-181, the House passed a measure that would restrict the president''s authority to place U.S. troops under foreign command, would cut United Nations funding and would speed expansion of NATO membership to include Eastern European countries. Clinton is expected to veto that measure. He has maintained that it would erode the president''s authority as commander in chief. TIME White House correspondent James Carney says some Republicans may cross the aisle again to fight GOP-backed spending increases they see as excessive, while they will maintain party loyalty on other issues.