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Technology firms that compete with giant Microsoft Corp. were overjoyed by a judicial ruling that cold reopen a federal antitrust case against the dominant computer software company. But they are still a bit wary, as they try to figure out just how the development will affect them. U.S. District Judge Stanley Sporkin's decision to throw out the settlement of a Justice Department antitrust action against Microsoft could lead to a stiffer settlement, requiring Microsoft to let competitors write software for its operating systems, which run some 80 percent of all personal computers. But TIME correspondent David S. Jackson says it is not yet clear whether the ruling will ensure a more competitive marketplace: "It's too early for the rest of the software industry to celebrate." Sporkin's ruling allows the government to appeal the decision; put Microsoft on trial; try to negotiate a new agreement, or drop the case entirely, which is not considered a viable option. Microsoft could join an appeal, opt for a trial or also try to work out another settlement.