Nerds for News

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CmdrTaco loves the fast-chip story. Someone submitted the tip anonymously in the form of a link to a story about a new breed of microprocessors at a gaming site called FiringSquad. "An engineering sample of a 600-Mhz processor," says the Commander, reading. "Cool."

Welcome to Slashdot, one of the busiest news outposts on the Net. It's 8:30 a.m. at gadget-laden Geek Compound, where the Slashdot crew lives and works in the outskirts of Holland, Mich. The sun is shining, but the shades are drawn -- the better to cut glare on the winglike, flat-panel SGI monitors that 23-year-olds Rob ("CmdrTaco") Malda and Jeff ("Hemos") Bates settle in front of as they start the workday. Malda, using a keyboard mounted on the arms of his chair, cursors through dozens of story suggestions submitted overnight by Slashdot users. MORE >>