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Dr. Henry Foster's nomination as Surgeon General of the U.S. was thrown into chaos today after Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) urged President Clinton to withdraw his choice, calling it "a political blunder in the extreme." He then reversed himself, explaining that he was criticizing White House handling of the nomination but had reached no decision as to how he will vote. Earlier, a stinging New York Times editorial called the pick "badly bungled" and one that should "die quickly." The powerful American Medical Association, which speaks for about 300,000 U.S. doctors, strongly supported Foster today, though its endorsement was seen more as an obligatory defense of a physician's right to practice ethical medicine than a political stand in behalf of the Foster nomination. For his part, Foster told a group of medical students at George Washington University today: "I am standing strong." While the Clinton Administration is expected to continue to fight for Foster, a source close to the process tells TIME Daily that the administration is also prepping a backup choice just in case.