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O.J. Simpsonaverted his eyes in court as gruesome photos of the crime scene, taken the night of the murders, were displayed today. The photos showed the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman lying in a pool of blood. Later, defense attorney Johnnie Cochran seized on testimony by Los Angeles police officer Robert Riske that he found a cardboard container of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the kitchen in Nicole's house around 12:40 a.m. "And at that time the ice cream had not fully melted?" Cochran asked. "No, not in my opinion," the officer replied. Cochran is expected to use this fact to try to prove that the murders took place well after prosecution claims they did. Riske also said he found bloody footprints, as well as a knit cap and a single glove near a bush near the scene of the murder.The O.J. Files