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Former Vice President Dan Quayledropped out of the 1996 presidential race. Quayle adviser Mark Goodin said recent health problems had nothing to do with the decision; instead, Goodin said, Quayle's failure to raise a substantial campaign war chest so far "threw a bucket of cold water on his enthusiasm." Which presidential hopeful benefits?TIME religion writer Richard N. Ostlingnotes the ex-Veep was the last "cultural" conservative left with substantial support from the religious "pro-family" movement, now an important Republican constituency. Ironically, Ostling says,Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole-- who is generally perceived as a political moderate -- now has an inside track with those voters. Today, Ostling notes, Christian Coaltion director Ralph Reed dubbed Dole the "front-runner" for his support of anti-abortion efforts. Reed mentioned only one other GOP candidate, Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, whom he prodded for keeping mum so far on "families and values."