Lawsuit Over "Our First Time" Web Hoax

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What kind of content constitutes bad taste for the Internet's emperor of adult entertainment? Ken Tipton found out last summer with Our First Time, a web site purporting to detail the romantic life of virginal "Mike" and "Diane," who decide they will deflower each other live on the Internet via streaming video. Tipton masqueraded as "Oscar Wells," their erstwhile friend and helpful partner, for what turned out to be a hoax. While Tipton fooled the world (or least the wire services), he now says he had an 18-day script written all along that would culminate with the pair of actors choosing abstinence.

But while Tipton hoped traffic would build over time, he vastly underestimated the online press, which was all too eager to crack open the hoax it guessed was there. Traffic skyrocketed, and Tipton's server collapsed. Enter IEG.

The Internet Entertainment Group is the largest adult content company on the Web. Compared to the flood of data that poured from its servers, Our First Time was a trickle. Tipton decided to cut a deal with IEG. That's where the lawsuit begins. MORE >>