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On the stand today, the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson depictedO.J Simpsonas a dominating andabusive manwho publicly humiliated his wife. Breaking into tears several times, Denise Brown said that at one outing with friends at a Santa Ana restaurant in the late 1980s, O.J "grabbed Nicole's crotch and said this is where babies come from and this belongs to me." She said that her sister didn't react as if this was out of the ordinary. Nicole "just kind of wrote it off and shrugged her shoulders." Before the court was adjourned till Monday, Brown said that at another time when she was at the Simpsons' house, she told O.J. that he took his wife for granted. O.J.'s reaction was that "he got extremely upset." A fight broke out, Brown said, and "pictures started flying off the walls . . . He grabbed Nicole and told her to get out of his house . . . He picked up her up and threw her against the wall. He picked her up and threw her out of the house."The O.J. Files