Flash! Diana Paparazzi Look to Be Off the Hook

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It's been a good couple of days for paparazzi. First Prince Charles finally obliged photogs this weekend with the money shot they had been seeking for years - a rare picture of the prince on vacation with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Now the photographers who have been under investigation in the car crash that killed Princess Diana may be off the hook. According to the Associated Press, France's state prosecutor has recommended that the courts not pursue manslaughter charges against the nine photographers and motorcycle driver who were following her Mercedes through the Paris twilight. Judge Hervé Stephan is expected to make a final ruling shortly before the two-year anniversary of the August 31 crash.

The camera men aren't totally in the clear yet. Stephan could still charge at least some of them with failing to aid an injured person, a crime in France. Then there's Mohamed Al Fayed, who claims that Diana and his son Dodi, who also died in the crash, were killed by conspirators who couldn't tolerate their love affair. Fayed doesn't believe the official story — that the wreck was the result of driver Henri Paul's excessive drinking beforehand — and may try to tie the photographers back to the deaths. But for the paparazzi long under a cloud, vita is finally starting to look a little more dolce.