Campaign Counts on the Bauer, er, Power of Prayer

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Republican presidential hopeful Gary Bauer has a secret weapon against his rivals. Many of his supporters have been circulating a daily prayer regimen for a "prayerful pursuit of the presidency." Each invocation is targeted at a special challenge facing a long-shot aspirant, from the banal (travel efficiency) to the sublime (on Aug. 24, supporters are asked to fast "to seek Godís will for Gary"). Calling for "Kingdom Impact Across Our Land," prayer partners are to ask that "the campaign team will lack gossip and false testimony. The Holy Spirit will protect the Bauer Team from deception and misperception."

On another day, they will pray that "Gary will be protected from the fiery darts of opponents, the media and opposition groups. Pray the financial, volunteer, exposure, credibility blocks in the campaign will be removed." To that end, another entreaty, for Aug. 19, titled "Campaign Funding," hopes that "Gary will value prayer over the presidency as the key to the presidency and the Father as the key to funding... We will see large numbers of gifts flow into the campaign this week." But not all the offerings are political. Supporters are also asked to pray "Gary and Carol Bauer will maintain a bright, strong flame of love for each other."