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On New Year's day in 1989,O.J. Simpsonslapped and kicked Nicole to the point that she collapsed in the arms of a Los Angeles detective outside her home, saying her husband was going to kill her, the officer testified today. Detective John Edwards said that O.J., who was there, was extremely angry, but claimed that all he had done was push his wife out of bed. "He said, 'I don't want that woman in my bed anymore. I've got two other women. I don't want that woman in my bed anymore,' " Edwards said. But the detective added that Nicole "was wet. She was shivering. She was cold. I could feel her bones and she was real cold and she was beat up." Prosecutors showed jurors a photo of her badly bruised face. Edwards' testimony followed an unprecedented presentation by prosecutor Marcia Clark in which she added to the opening statements she gave last week. Clark used the time to berate a key defense witness, calling her "a known liar and a Simpson-case groupie."The O.J. Files