Build Up Your Browser

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Imagine there were only two kinds of cars - and both kinds were four-door sedans. That's how we experience the Web: You only get two choices of Web browser, Netscape and Internet Explorer, and let's face it, there ain't a whole lot of difference between them. Fortunately for us, third-party developers are changing that by making programs - usually free ones -- that live on top of your browser and give it new features, new functions, and even a whole new look and feel. There should be a name for them - call them plug-ons.

The company that's doing this in the biggest way is NeoPlanet. If you've heard of them, you probably know them as the outfit that made the Austin Powers browser. When you install NeoPlanet's software (it's free, but you need to have a PC running Internet Explorer 4.0) what it does, essentially, is bury your copy of IE inside a new improved interface. The cool thing is, NeoPlanet's interface is better. MORE >>