A Red Van, a Green Car, a White Supremacist

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With almost every imaginable law enforcement agency -– including the Postal Inspection Service –- on his trail, Buford O. Furrow Jr. slipped the massive L.A. dragnet ... in a taxicab. And then he turned himself in to the Las Vegas FBI, bright and early on Wednesday morning. And a motive? An FBI source told the Associated Press that Furrow simply walked into the office, said "You're looking for me, I killed the kids in Los Angeles," and offered an explanation: "He wanted this to be a wake-up call to America to kill Jews." Authorities say Furrow is cooperating, which is flack-speak for confession, though they have not yet officially connected him to the murder of a postal worker an hour after the day-care rampage.

Who or what do we blame for Buford Furrow? In less than two days, we’ve learned an awful lot unsavory about him. He had connections to white supremacist groups -- Aryan Nations, the Order and Christian Identity –- and was said to have once lived with Debbie Mathews, widow of the Order’s founder (they met at an Aryan Nations gathering). And he has been a voluntary prisoner before; last November, Furrow tried to commit himself to a psychiatric hospital in a Seattle suburb, but couldn’t go through with it; he wound up pulling a knife on staffers. Also that he had something bigger in mind. Furrow’s red van, purchased Saturday, was filled with ammunition, bulletproof vests, explosives and freeze-dried food. Asked about that, L.A. police Chief Bernard Parks let down his guard a bit. "We are pleased," he told reporters, "that he did not carry out a more spectacular plan." Or insist on a more dramatic ending.

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