eMachines Ships Imitation iMac

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Why can't other personal computers be as stylish as Apple's hit iMac? As with the pioneering point-and-click graphical interface of the Macintosh -- inspired first by Xerox research, dominated now by Microsoft -- the answer may involve a nasty fight over what kind of ideas can be owned.

Price-slashing PC-maker eMachines announced the launch Thursday of a translucent "cool blue" PC called the eOne. Like Apple's iMac, the system combines the computer guts with a 15-inch monitor one two-toned case, off of which connect a matching keyboard and mouse. The most important difference for consumers, besides Windows instead of the Mac operating system, is a retail price of $799, $400 less than a new iMac. Circuit City stores already have the eOne in stock. Specs include a 433 megahertz Celeron, 64 megabytes of RAM and, unlike the iMac, a floppy drive and the ability to accept PC cards. MORE >>