High-Tech Promotions Getting Out of Control

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You can talk about bandwidth and customer service options all you want, but when it comes right down to it, most ISPs and PCs look pretty much alike to your average consumer. Which they are. Which is why, as the competition for customers heats up, PC makers and Internet Service Providers are proving that they're willing to go to any lengths to snag new customers and set themselves apart. Which is why in the next few months we'll be seeing free iMacs, Hot Wheels PCs, and AOL on a gas pump.

A Santa Monica company called FreeMac.com announced yesterday that it would give away a free iMac computer to anybody who commits to paying for three years of Internet service from its partner, Earthlink; FreeMac also stipulates that customers have to pay using a First USA Visa credit card, another one of its partners. In September FreeMac is counting on shipping a million iMacs. The company has even appointed pop artist Peter Max as its "chief creativity officer" - he'll be designing a series of posters that the company is giving away for free. MORE >>