Hillary Talks the "Talk"

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Hillary Clinton looks to have earned her likely cover-girl status for the inaugural issue of Tina Brown’s new mag "Talk" – and the magazine seems to have earned its name. In a pretty-darn-candid interview with the magazine that Barbara Walters probably would have killed for, Hillary dished the dirt on the First Marriage and her ongoing relationship with the wayward Willie. The tidbits, according to the overjoyed-to-have-them New York Post: She blames Bill’s "weakness" on childhood psychological abuse; she stayed with him to help him through his "dysfunction," and he’s been "working on himself very hard in the past year" to keep his wanderlust in check. On the finger-wagging: "He couldn’t protect me, so he lied."

Hillary obviously has no problem with the popular image of her husband as a hormonally enslaved adolescent (it’s probably the most charitable assessment, anyhow) and of her being as much his mother as his wife. Is she worried about those long campaign trips? "He's responsible for his own behavior whether I'm there or 100 miles away," she says – that means no keg parties, Billy – and every allowance she makes for Bill tends to make the guy look a little smaller, and Hillary a little bigger. This is obviously supposed to help with the New York voters, and it just might, if they’re looking for a mother instead of the zany uncle they have in Rudy Giuliani. It’s also going to sell a lot of magazines. "Talk" debuts Tuesday after a bash Monday at the Statue of Liberty, and though the presumed cover girl herself may not be there, check out this ad line: "We just have a deep connection that transcends whatever happens ... We have love," she rhapsodizes. "We talk." Gee, what a great name for a magazine.