Would Price Waterhouse Approve of This?

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Hear that? Thatís the sound of fiscal conservatism, spinning in its grave. Faced with charges from the White House that an $800 billion tax cut is more than even this flush government can afford, Republicans — instead of taming spending to make room for it — are simply cooking the books. Monday, House GOPers declared $3 billion in routine funding for veterans health care to be an "emergency" measure, even though itís hardly that — a transparent dodge of the 1997 spending caps that helped balance the budget in the first place. TIME White House correspondent Jay Branegan says the Republicans will do whatever it takes to get a tax cut to President Clintonís desk for the inevitable (and politically charged, they hope) veto. But this isnít helping their credibility any.

"Any tax cut that big has to be based on those caps' not being lifted," says Branegan, "otherwise thereís not enough money left to provide for Medicare and Social Security. Both parties had as much as admitted that the caps were history this year — and under this plan, they certainly are. This is just an accounting trick." Which is not to say that the spending caps are still necessary, or even a good idea, when thereís this much surplus to go around. But shenanigans like these Ė- from the party of small government, no less — just gives Clinton more ammunition to pump the tax cut bill full of rhetorical holes, and claim the mantle of fiscal restraint for himself. The Republicans arenít just passing a tax cut they canít pay for, theyíre using creative accounting to hide that reality. The GOP is always complaining that Bill Clinton steals their issues. This one theyíre just giving away.