"Home Page" Documentary Captures the Web Circa 1996

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Remember Justin Hall, mid-'90s web star and enfant terrible? This month on HBO, you can watch the real-life Hall in Doug Block's documentary "Home Page." Hall was once famous for his wildly self-exposing home page and its sexy links, and in the movie he's joined by others of his ilk — web confessors such as Julie Peterson who declares on camera that she wants strangers to know her as intimately as her husband does.

"No one was focusing on home pages in 1996 — they were talking about online identity then," says Block. "Things move so fast that's its already a historic look at the Web in its early days," he says. "Today, I would have to make 'Anatomy of a Start-up.'"

"Home Page" could be subtitled "Anatomy of an Overweening Boy." Hall exploits his Net fame in a cross-country trip — abrasively precocious and often half-nude, the Swarthmore undergraduate evangelizes the Web at coffee houses, encounters Lou Rossetto, Carl Steadman, and Feed's Stephanie Syman, moves in with Howard Rheingold and starts working at Electric Minds. MORE >>