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Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr has reopened the investigation into the July 1993 suicide of former White House attorney Vincent Foster. Starr's staff revealed today that a federal grand jury is exhaustively examining the 1993 U.S. Park Police inquiry into Foster's death. Mark Tuohey, a deputy Whitewater prosecutor, declined to reveal the probe's precise focus but simply told reporters, "You use grand juries for information gathering." Starr's staff, meanwhile, today sought to question several Park Police officers who investigated Foster's death.TIME Washington correspondent Suneel Ratansays the independent counsel is satisfying recent complaints from North Carolina's Senator Lauch Faircloth and other Republicans in Congress who insist there are significant discrepancies in the Park Police findings. Since the first Whitewater prosecutor, Robert Fiske, never finished his inventory of Foster's papers after the death, Ratan says, Starr "is probably trying to be thorough."